San Diego Association of Governments | SANDAG
San Diego, California

Independent Performance Auditor
Salary: $165,449 to $256,446 DOQ
SANDAG offers comprehensive benefits, to include health, dental, and vision insurance as well as employee assistance, wellness, and work/life balance programs.
First resume review: Monday, June 26, 2023.

This is an exceptional opportunity to join the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), a $1.2 billion regional government agency, as the Independent Performance Auditor (IPA).

This position is structurally independent, reporting to the SANDAG Board of Directors via its Audit Committee comprised of three public members with technical qualifications and two members of the SANDAG Board. Independence is further enhanced by contractual protection that the IPA can’t be terminated without cause and a two-thirds vote by both the Audit Committee and SANDAG Board of Directors.

SANDAG’s Audit Committee and Board of Directors seek a highly experienced, executive-level government auditor with significant experience reporting directly to a board, city council or other independent body (i.e., audit committee).

The following characteristics are expected in the successful candidate:
To apply, please submit your resume (including dates of employment), cover letter, the names of six work-related references (two each for current or former supervisors, direct reports, and colleagues), and a copy of a recent audit report you have completed (either PDF/ Word Document, or link) to:

For more information contact:

Pam Derby
CPS HR Consulting
(916) 471-3126

To view an online brochure for this position visit:
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The San Diego Association of Governments is an equal opportunity employer.